FAQ for Patients

ClinicalConnect HIE strives to help the region’s healthcare providers improve care by providing patient-centered, accountable care, and by creating a model that can be replicated nationwide.

What is a health information exchange (HIE)?

An HIE allows the electronic exchange of clinical information about a patient among healthcare providers within a particular region or community. ClinicalConnect HIE provides services that enable the electronic exchange of clinical information between participating healthcare providers, payers and providers of ancillary healthcare related services.

How was ClinicalConnect HIE formed?

The concept of forming an HIE in western Pennsylvania was analyzed for over a year by CEOs and chief information officers (CIOs) from a number of community hospitals and health systems in the region.

Can I access my own medical records?

With ClinicalConnect HIE, your records are only available to participating healthcare providers, for instance, the doctor who is treating you. If you want copies of your medical records, you should contact your healthcare providers directly.

Is my healthcare information available for anyone to see?

No. ClinicalConnect HIE and its participating providers take your privacy and the security of your healthcare information very seriously. Only those caring for you will have access to your information as they treat you.

Do I need to do anything to join?

No, if your healthcare provider(s) are part of ClinicalConnect HIE, you will automatically be enrolled. 

I understand that my information is secure, but I do not want it to be available within ClinicalConnect HIE. Can I opt out?

Yes, you may opt out during the registration process when you visit a ClinicalConnect HIE participating healthcare provider.  Please contact your participating healthcare provider directly with questions on the opt-out process.  Regardless of whether you choose to opt-out of the HIE, your health information will still be provided to ClinicalConnect HIE. However, if you choose to opt-out, ClinicalConnect HIE will prevent your information from being searchable and will not exchange your information with other participating providers.

Can I choose only certain providers to see my information?

No. If you choose to opt out, your healthcare information will not be shared among any of the participating providers within ClinicalConnect HIE.

Can I request changes to my medical record or other information included in ClinicalConnect HIE?

Yes, you can request revisions and corrections to your medical records by talking with your healthcare provider who is the owner/creator of the record in question. ClinicalConnect HIE cannot alter your health information in any way; ClinicalConnect HIE simply provides a method to privately and securely transport health information from one provider to another.

How accurate is the patient information in ClinicalConnect HIE?

The patient information in ClinicalConnect HIE is contributed from numerous participating healthcare providers and is an accurate representation of the patient information contained in each provider's electronic health record (EHR) system.  However, due to the availability of the patient information in the provider's EHR system and applicable laws (HIPAA, federal and state), the patient information contributed may not include the patient's full and complete medical record or history.  This level of accuracy meets the expectations and needs of the majority of the ClinicalConnect HIE participating healthcare providers and patients.

Who are the participating providers within ClinicalConnect HIE?

Please visit the following for the current list of healthcare providers who participate in ClinicalConnect HIE:  www.clinicalconnect.com/providers

Additional healthcare providers are encouraged to contact us and learn how to participate.