ClinicalConnect HIE strives to help the region’s healthcare providers improve care by providing patient-centered, accountable care, and by creating a model that can be replicated nationwide.

ClinicalConnect HIE offers a real-time, secure service to notify healthcare providers of encounters at an emergency department or hospital.

  • ADT sources monitored
  • Panel maintenance and upload provided

ClinicalConnect HIE offers the longitudinal patient record to provide better patient care.
  • Easily accessed within the clinical workflow
  • Aggregated participant data
  • Query and retrieve access to trusted external partner data

ClinicalConnect HIE offers secure email exchange of protected health information (PHI) in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

  • A secure webmail based platform which functions like regular e-mail
  • Replaces slow, inconvenient, & expensive methods of exchange such as mail, fax, or courier exchange

ClinicalConnect HIE offers data for better quality care and better quality reporting.
  • Provides secure, standardized formats and outputs 

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