Provider Benefits

ClinicalConnect HIE strives to help the region’s healthcare providers improve care by providing patient-centered, accountable care, and by creating a model that can be replicated nationwide.

Improve care. Reduce costs. Protect privacy.

Immediate access to your patient’s health information is critical to providing the best possible patient care. A connected network helps your organization operate more efficiently, saving time and money for you and your patients. ClinicalConnect HIE is Western Pennsylvania’s health information exchange and we’re committed to helping you improve care, reduce costs, and protect privacy.


A few months ago, Butler Memorial Hospital's Thomas McGill might not have sniffed out the ruse -- the new hepatitis C patient complaining of back pain was trying to get her hands on narcotics from any doctor who would oblige.

But now, he was quickly onto her. A few clicks on his computer, and he could see that the young woman had tried the same thing with other doctors -- in a separate hospital system.

"I went into ClinicalConnect HIE, and I could see that she'd seen a number of physicians in the UPMC system, with a lot of notes about asking for narcotics," Dr. McGill said. And he could also see that the woman ultimately had been referred to a pain clinic, with her own physician responsible for prescribing the painkillers.

Before ClinicalConnect HIE, Dr. McGill might have asked the woman if she had a pain doctor -- and she might have lied or dodged the question. "And then I'm in the dark," he said. "How can I check?" -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Benefits to Joining Our Provider Network

Improves Care

  • Creates a virtual “medical home” that makes critical healthcare information available electronically, where and when it is needed.
  • Improves quality and patient safety by providing the right information in the right place at the right time.
  • Enhances coordination of healthcare among providers.
  • Makes public health and state data reporting easier and faster.

Reduces Cost

  • Reduces the time needed to access patient records and frees you and your staff to spend more quality time with patients.
  • Improves care while controlling costs by reducing duplicative services, medication problems, delays in care, and likelihood of medical errors.
  • Simplifies billing and other administrative processes, thereby reducing operational costs and minimizing delays in payment.
  • Helps meet Meaningful Use criteria and qualifies for electronic health record (EHR) incentives.

Protects Privacy

  • Complies with security standards upheld by HIPAA.
  • Enhances privacy and security better than a paper records system.